The Questionable Vladimir Putin (Part 2)

Actions during the Second Chechen War

Katyr Yurt

Putin was at the helm when war crimes were committed during the Second Chechen War. Russian aircraft and helicopters obliterated the village of Katyr Yurt according to Taisa Abakarova, an eyewitness to the events on February 4, 2000. The troubling fact about this accusation is that Katyr Yurt was located far from the front lines of the war. 363 people died during the bombing. Taisa lost her mother, father, her two brothers, her sister and her cousin.

When news investigators examined the damage they found Russian ‘vacuum’ bombs in the wreckage. The bombs have that name because the can suck your lungs inside out. Here is how the bomb kills:

The vacuum bomb is dropped by a parachute. As it falls to the ground, it releases a cloud of petrol vapour, which ignites, and the sky explodes. A US Defence Intelligence Agency study of 1993 reported: ‘The kill mechanism against living targets is unique and unpleasant. What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs.’

Civilians died an unimaginably painful death.

Taisa did not escape the bombings unscathed. Taisa sustained burns to her face and both hands. Taisa’s leg was broken and her left leg was held together by iron bolts. Taisa even sustained internal bruising.

Taisa is not the only witness to this crime. Zara Aktimirova, 59, Matusa Batalova, 85, Rizvan Vakhaev, 47 all testify to the devastation of the bombing that day.

Russian authorities did not take any steps to stop these actions by their military forces.

What are some of the crimes committed by Russia during the Second Chechen War? Here is a list:

1. Russian forces indiscriminately bombed civilian property, causing high civilian causualties
2. Carpet Bombings
3. Surface-to-surface bombings that caused hundreds to die in the Central Market bombing in Grozny
4. Russian forces effectively trapped civilians behind enemy lines
5. Refugee convoys were heavily bombarded by Russian forces
6. Several women were raped
7. At least 62 civilians were shot while waiting in a line for soldiers to check their documents
8. Civilians in detention facilities were subjected to beatings, severe torture and rape of both men and women. One of the men was hit with a heavy metal hammer.
9. Innocent civilians died as a result of land mines during the Second Chechen War.

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