The CBO and the Republicare

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The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scored the Republican healthcare bill (Republicare) and things do not look good. The bill will have far worse consequences than some had hoped. The Republican bill will have quick negative effects. There will be 14 million more uninsured by next year. Included in this number is 5 million less people covered by Medicaid.

Some people think Republicare’s elimination of penalties for being uninsured is a good thing. This view is gravely mistaken. The elimination of the penalty is one of the biggest factors contributing to the rise of uninsured.

Another troubling fact is that older people with lower incomes will see a substantial increase in their net premiums.

The news only gets worse; an estimated 52 million people will be uninsured by 2026! This number is particularly troublesome because 28 million would not have insurance if the Republican bill is not passed. To be clear, the Republican bill will make things worse by leaving 24 million more people uninsured than if we leave Obamacare in place. This means the Republican bill will almost double the number of uninsured.

This is a truly terrible bill.

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You can read the CBO report here.

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