Henry Kissinger: Setting the Record Straight (Part 4)

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Undermining a US President

Zach Dorfman, senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, exposed another grotesque instance of Kissinger’s immoral dealings.

In 1976 Ausgusto Pinochet was still president of Chile. Pinochet managed to garner strong opposition from many people and Orlando Letelier was one of the most outspoken of them. Letelier was a defense and foreign minister under President Salvador Allende. Letelier was also Chile’s ambassador to the United States. He was tortured and jailed when Pinochet came to power.

Pinochet’s hatred for Letelier was so pronounced he hatched a plan to kill him. On September 21, 1976 Pinochet ordered the assassination of Letelier. Letelier was working at a think tank in Washington D.C. at the time. A group of Cuban extremist placed a bomb on the underside of Letelier’s car. They waited until he got to the Sheridan Circle and detonated the bomb.

The bomb blast was so powerful that an eyewitness said they saw the car as it was coming down from the air. One of police officers who arrived on scene remembered seeing a human foot in the street. The body of man was on the pavement with part of his legs missing. FBI agent Carter Cornick was assigned to this case and he noted that this “was the first case of international terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism in Washington.”

US federal prosecutors indicted three Chilean intelligence agents for masterminding the murder. President Jimmy Carter’s administration requested that the men be extradited to the US for trial. On October 1, 1979 the Chilean Supreme Court rejected the administration’s request.

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Where does Kissinger fit into this story?

Kissinger decided to have Chilean Foreign Minister Hernan Cubillos for breakfast. The breakfast lasted for 70 minutes. Kissinger told Cubillos he thought the Chileans were right in rejecting the Carter administration’s extradition request. Kissinger went further by advising the Pinochet government on how “to get what he wanted from Carter.” He told them to be tough, even brutal with the Carter administration.

Henry Kissinger approved of, and gave advice to a regime that committed the first state-sponsored terrorist attack in Washington!

This man should not be lavished with praise. It may be appropriate to place him in jail for war crimes. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump hold him in high esteem. This is just one more reason to think the political parties are deeply corrupt.

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