25 Issues that Need More Attention: A Journalistic Wish List


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There are a number of pressing issues confronting Americans that require media attention. We are in an endless cycle of chasing tweets and breaking news on the Russia investigation. While the Russia investigation should continue, there are other issues that require our attention. My journalistic wish list consists of:

1. North Korea and the swirling weapons crisis
2. Wall Street Regulation
3. Gun Violence and the Rise in Crime
4. Cancer Research – This disease kills more people than terrorists
5. Policing
6. The State of the Iran Nuclear Deal
7. Jobs and the Rise of Automation
8. Education, the Looming Loan Crisis, and Economic Opportunity
9. The Drug Epidemic
10. Poverty, Homelessness, and World Hunger and Food and Water Security
11. Green Energy and Jobs
12. The Future of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare
13. Trade
14. Chinese Currency Manipulation
15. Wealth and Income Distribution
16. Race Relations and the Rise of Hate Groups
17. Israel and Palestine
18. Campaign Finance Reform
19. Government Accountability
20. Voter Suppression
21. The Death Penalty
22. Torture
23. Civilian Deaths in Syria
24. Funding of Scientific Research
25. Rebuilding Infrastructure

Twenty Five is a neat number, but more could be added like the surveillance state and the Patriot Act.

Big Media are you listening?

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