Political Corruption Marches On

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The Intercept published a helpful story exposing political corruption. Mark Penn is a political strategist who promoted both Bill and Hillary Clinton. He is urging Democrats to move their policies closer to the political center.

Perhaps the reader is thinking this observation is not newsworthy. Democrats were decimated in the last election cycle, something has to change. The reason this story is newsworthy is that Penn’s statement appears to be built on the foundation of financial gain, an unshakable foundation in contemporary politics.

Mark Penn is the Managing Partner at the Stagwell Group, an investment group that recently bought a minority stake in a Targeted Victory, a major Republican digital consulting company. In fact, Targeted Victory boasts about their partnership with Stagwell Media on their website. Targeted Victory provided consulting assistance for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton and Republican Karen Handel’s campaign against Democrat Jon Ossoff, a campaign we analyzed on this blog.

This means Penn stands to gain if Targeted Victory is a successful company. Targeted Victory is ultimately successful if their consulting efforts result in campaign wins. Penn also owns SKDKnickerbocker, a company that develops policy campaigns for “for-profit colleges, AT&T, and Herbalife.” This means Penn stands to gain if these policies are ultimately implemented. Penn has inserted himself in the Democratic Party’s discourse rather than recuse himself. Why not? He stands to win, a least a little, if Democrats cave on their core principles.


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