Warranted Home Invasion

Image result for police raid

The Washington Post printed news that represents a significant escalation in the Russia investigation headed by special counsel Robert Mueller. The FBI raided the home of the former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort on July 26th.

Think about the significance of this action. Search warrants must be signed off by a federal judge. This means a federal judge saw enough evidence to support a sudden, unannounced intrusion into Manafort’s home. This move suggests that Manafort is not being as cooperative as the special counsel would like him to be. Remember, federal investigators were using the less intrusive subpoena process to gain information from Manafort. Why the shift in method? A writer for CNN wrote:

The tactic appears unusual for a case that has been under investigation for months and for which Manafort has already turned over hundreds of pages of documents to Senate investigators.

Paul Manafort was awoken by federal agents knocking on his bedroom door!

FBI agents did not leave Manafort’s home empty-handed. The FBI seized documents and “other materials” from Manafort’s home. Tax and banking documents were taken from the home. The FBI even took “binders prepared ahead of Manafort’s congressional testimony.”

Here is my advice to Republicans: seriously consider jumping ship. Untether yourself from the administration’s sinking vessel.


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